Update from Team 6~Lola’s

By Kelly Hughes When we first started brainstorming companies for this project, Campus Deli immediately popped into our heads. We all go to Campus Deli frequently and enjoy the food and environment of the place. Since we each have had numerous experiences with Campus Deli, we thought this was the best fit for the project […]

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WIP: Codfish Hill Construction LLC

  By Amanda Bagala   The company we partnered with this semester is Codfish Hill Construction LLC out of Bethel, CT. Codfish Hill is a family-owned business, specializing in real-estate development, construction, plus selling and renting the developments. It is owned by Jeffery Bruno, one of our groupmate’s fathers. He is the primary employee in […]

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How Do We Create Meaningful Brands?

By: Simon Lund Joergensen Today, I read an article that I found interesting. I would like to share what I learned. Creating content that consumers find meaningful is one of the most challenging, yet crucial, elements of marketing and branding. “Meaningfulness” is becoming more and more important in branding, especially due to the extensive amount […]

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NFL TV Ratings are UP and Growing!

Recently in class, we have been discussing TV ratings on certain channels, how they are calculated, programs, networks and impressions. Just this past week, The Chicago Tribune, as well as The Kansas City Star and NBC News, have all released articles stating that the NFL rating are up, beating expectations and rising much more rapidly […]

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National Mean Girls Day

#NATIONALMEANGIRLSDAY By: Allison Corcoran It was the year 2004 when one of the most iconic American teen comedies, Mean Girls, was released. It was written by comedian, Tina Fey and based off the book, Queenbees and Wannabees, which features high school drama and cliques. The main character, Cady, played by Lindsey Lohan moves to a […]

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America Runs On Dunkin (And Not Donuts)

By Amanda Bagala In class, we have been talking about the importance of branding, and how to target consumers of various demographic and psychographics. Dunkin’ Donuts is doing a little rebranding itself, to change in accordance with changing consumer habits. Last Thursday, Dunkin’ Donuts announced that they would be officially dropping the word Donuts from […]

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Butler Associates: Who Are They?

If you asked us this question week one, we wouldn’t have been able to give you an accurate answer. While many people in the industry know the names of major PR, marketing or advertising agencies, it’s very rare someone would recognize the name of a boutique firm that caters to such specific clientele. Delia Butler, […]

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