Intrepid Athletics Group Update

The organization my group has chosen to work with for the limited and unlimited budget plan is Intrepid Athletics. When we first heard about the assignment in class, we were told to match up with a group of 3-4 students to create a media plan for a specific company or organization. Logan, one of the […]

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Media Schedules Make Friends

Good relationships between brands and their consumers are built when brands establish their personality and remain consistent in their communication with their audience. The consumers must feel the brands presence within their lives in order to remain loyal to them. Creating a media schedule is a great way to maintain that presence and therefore that […]

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#ShadowsBrunch: Team Update

Shadows on the Hudson Brunch: Group Update By Liam Doerr What we as a group have been finding quite difficult is how we make Shadows stand out, because non-chain restaurants aren’t really easy. They have to find their unique niche but also be recognized enough to stay prominent in the area they’re located it. A […]

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Salsa Fresca Group Update

By: Ben Skyer & Danielle Garcia Our group decided to do Salsa Fresca as our focus for our project. As one of the newest restaurants that have opened up relatively close to the Marist campus, and one that boasts fresh Mexican food at an affordable price, we were interested to meet with the managers to […]

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Branding is Key

As we talked about in class, branding entails providing goods and services that make up the power of a brand. From the brands design, value, strategy to its advertising and trust, this is what composes a great brand. One that I will be discussing for most of this post is Starbucks. Not only am I […]

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More Than A Logo

According to, the word “brand” comes from the word “brandr”, an Ancient Norse word for “to burn”. Cattle ranchers used to brand a unique symbol onto their livestock to identify them and show their ownership in case they were lost or mixed in with other cattle. Similarly, companies today brand their products with symbols […]

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Shadows on the Hudson Update

By: Alexander Kamel Shadows on the Hudson is a fine dining restaurant that presents a beautiful ambience with a magnificent view of the Hudson River in the heart of Poughkeepsie, New York. The award-winning waterfront restaurant is perched on a cliff 40 feet above the Hudson River and just 50 feet from its eastern bank. […]

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