“The Hard Truth About Marketing”

Karen Marte – Group #1 Marketing opportunities increase and change as the years go by. In order to be a great marketer you must be driven and dedicated to detail. According to this article, these Marketer’s dedication to detail is what drives leads, grows funnels, and inspires all customers to buy your product. However, the customer’s […]

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Group 3: Unlimited Budget

Fast forwarding 10 years and Milo’s is across the nation! Since we have revisited the feedback we received on the limited budget portion, we realized some of our tactics were more to drive sales. While we are making a media plan, Brooke, Lauren and I needed to take a step back and remember what we […]

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Digital Audio Ads

    by: Troy Demers / Group 4 Over the course of the semester, we have learned about a variety of media on which to advertise. Each one has its distinct advantages and disadvantages that could make them more or less attractive to potential advertisers. For example, local businesses can use radio’s focused reach to […]

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Group 1 Update

By Becci Casas As the semester comes to an end, our group prepares for our final presentation on Liquorama’s Unlimited Budget. Liquorama would be a national franchise with locations in 24 states across the united states. We have developed an “Only We” statement to illustrate why Liquorama is so unique compared to any other Wine […]

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SpaceX Unlimited Budget Update

For SpaceX’s unlimited budget blog post we have narrowed down what our ideas on how we want to execute our media strategy.  In case we haven’t done a wonderful enough job of getting across who SpaceX is, they are a private American aerospace manufacturer and space transportation services company headquartered in Hawthorne, California. It has […]

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Group 7: Arcstone Update

By Alex Stephenson For Arcstone’s unlimited budget, we have a very good idea of how we want to execute our media strategy. As a reminder, Arcstone is a company based in Singapore that markets software to factory owners. For our unlimited budget, we will: establish some new goals, expand our strategies to different mediums, and […]

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